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Blog Readability

I just came across a link to a Blog Readability Test, and decided to test this blog out. While I was there, I decided to test the blog of my English class here at the university. This blog is the work of 12 sophomores and juniors at a Japanese university. They are all Japanese, so English is their second language. Here are the scores that we received…

Can you guess which one is for this blog?

Junior High

High School

Well, it seems that I should ask my students to tone it down a bit to make their blog more readable… According to this test, they write at a higher level than I do. I guess I could just take the credit for that ;-), but I think something else is going on here. So I fired up MS Word and decided to test out the readability stats of both blogs using the tools there. Word will test your document for Flesch Reading Ease, and give it a Flesch-Kincaid Grade level.

ETT ReadabilityStats for EdtechTESOL blog.

Student Blog ReadabilityStats for Student blog.

These two screenshots of the statistics from each blog’s front pages tells a different story. According to Word, this blog ranks at about the eighth grade reading level, which is consistent with the previous test, but the student blog ranks at about the sixth grade level. Could the smattering of Japanese words, both in kanji and anglicized versions confused the web tool version? Either way, it is an interesting tool for checking the readability of your blog, but mileage may very…

Via: Thinking Stick