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Teacher Travel 2.0

I recently returned from a trip to Paris for the TESOL France Colloquium for a poster presentation on my cross-cultural blogging project, and I had an extra day on the end of my trip.  The trip required that I miss a few classes in my teaching schedule, but I decided that it was also an […]

Set up your site to work nice with iPhones

Tonight I adapted my site for the iPhone (or other smart phones) with a simple plugin addition to my WordPress installation. On the left you can see the “Before” image, and on the left the “After”. The plugin, WPtouch is simple to install, and there are quite a few settings which allow for personalization. The […]

L1L2 Blog Exchange Presentation

I gave a presentation at JALT-CALL this past weekend, entitled “Blogging in Two Languages: An International Peer Assistance Exchange”, and I just made a quick VoiceThread version to share online. The project involved the interaction between both native speakers and language learners of English and Japanese in language courses at two universities. Japanese language students […]

Blog Readability

I just came across a link to a Blog Readability Test, and decided to test this blog out. While I was there, I decided to test the blog of my English class here at the university. This blog is the work of 12 sophomores and juniors at a Japanese university. They are all Japanese, so […]

Avoiding Dead End Blogging in the Classroom

One of the great failures of blogging in the classroom is that the blogs rarely extend beyond the semester. Why is this? I think that most teachers underestimate the blogging process and simply think that students will just do it without proper scaffolding and guidance. This is a great failure, as what this turns into […]

Blogging Hare vs Blogging Tortoise

Which kind of blogger are you, a Tortoise are a Hare? We grow up learning the story of these two rivals, and taking away the lesson that slow and methodical overcomes fast and impulsive, but does that lesson apply to blogging as well? Or, more specifically, to all forms of blogging, or just some? I […]