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Category Archives: iPad

Mojibake on the iPad

I am sitting on the Shinkansen from Kurume to Hiroshima, and I just discovered that the web site with the bus schedule for the last leg of my return home has an encoding issue on the iPad. I tried to visit the site to find out when the next bus is, but all the text […]

Keynote Remote with an iPad

One of the things I love most about using an iPad in the classroom is that in unchains me from the “PC on the podium” model of using technology in the classroom. I like to be mobile while teaching, so the ability to carry the device with me is central to its value in the […]

Keep your class on pace

I try to keep the number of apps I use in the classroom to a minimum, but there is one application that I have used since the first day I brought my new iPad to the classroom: Chronology. In all honesty, I started out with the free version of the application, and used it up […]

Uploading to Moodle with an iPad

I have been using my iPad with Moodle quite a while now, and like many others I have been frustrated by the inability to upload files.  A recent update to the Dropbox app for iPad gave me an idea, so I tried it out today on the forums.  It seems that Dropbox can be […]

Blogging on the iPad

I have been looking for a good way to blog from my iPhone and iPad for a while now, and I think I may have found a promising solution. Up until now I had not been able to find an application that could do more than simply post text and image to a blog. Although […]