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Line Official: Students actually get the message

This is a post to support my presentation at JALT 2020, on Saturday, November 21st, at 18:30. Once the presentation video is available it will be added here, along with my Keynote PDF and additional notes and links.

L1L2 Blog Exchange Presentation

I gave a presentation at JALT-CALL this past weekend, entitled “Blogging in Two Languages: An International Peer Assistance Exchange”, and I just made a quick VoiceThread version to share online. The project involved the interaction between both native speakers and language learners of English and Japanese in language courses at two universities. Japanese language students […]

A Great Digital Story Telling Resource

I just came across a great link to a wiki page about 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story. This is a great resource for teachers looking to find a way for students to create their own stories or presentations online. The wiki page gives a link to 50 demonstrations of the same story […]

The Sound of All Hands Clapping

Standing in front of a crowd of strangers, or peers for that matter, can be a disconcerting experience for anyone. As an educator, I do this on a daily basis, but there is a clear difference between lecturing in a classroom and giving an academic presentation at a conference. In the context of a conference […]