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Target audience: Online conference presenters, attendees, and organizers Online conferences, and the presentations that they are composed of, are fundamentally different than the traditional face-to-face model. However, most presenters have yet to completely adapt to this change. This brief post will point out how conference stakeholders can benefit from one feature of the conference […]

2011 Presentation Wordcloud

I was just updating my portfolio website, and I decided to create a visualization from the summaries of my conference presentations for the year. I gave nine presentations last year. I travelled across three of the four main islands of Japan, Okinawa, Korea, and I even spent some time in France. It was a busy […]

Keynote Remote with an iPad

One of the things I love most about using an iPad in the classroom is that in unchains me from the “PC on the podium” model of using technology in the classroom. I like to be mobile while teaching, so the ability to carry the device with me is central to its value in the […]