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Category Archives: Collaboration

L1L2 Blog Exchange Presentation

I gave a presentation at JALT-CALL this past weekend, entitled “Blogging in Two Languages: An International Peer Assistance Exchange”, and I just made a quick VoiceThread version to share online. The project involved the interaction between both native speakers and language learners of English and Japanese in language courses at two universities. Japanese language students […]

Avoiding Dead End Blogging in the Classroom

One of the great failures of blogging in the classroom is that the blogs rarely extend beyond the semester. Why is this? I think that most teachers underestimate the blogging process and simply think that students will just do it without proper scaffolding and guidance. This is a great failure, as what this turns into […]

Digg for Education?

Educators worldwide seem to have latched on to social bookmarking tools such as, Ma.gnolia, Furl and others, but why not take it a step further? Personally, I like to take a look through the links of others in my network, but sometimes the plain links don’t tell the whole story. Why did they save […]

Putting a Face on Social Bookmarking

It seems that Google is jumping into the social bookmarking market:”Google Wants You To Share Stuff(TechCrunch)”: with their new service Google Shared Stuff. Although there are already many good social bookmarking sites out there, Google has finally put a face to it. They have included a profile section on your shared page, complete with photo, […]

Yahoo Teachers

It seems that there will be a rather big player jumping in to the educational social networking market. Yahoo! is currently in Beta with Yahoo! Teachers, a site aimed at bringing large-scale peer networking/sharing to educators worldwide. At first glance it looks rather interesting, but it seems that we will have to wait until later […]