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Mojibake on the iPad

I am sitting on the Shinkansen from Kurume to Hiroshima, and I just discovered that the web site with the bus schedule for the last leg of my return home has an encoding issue on the iPad. I tried to visit the site to find out when the next bus is, but all the text was garbled.

Luckily, I don’t give in easily. I have more than a handful of browsers on the iPad, so it was just a matter of time before I found one that would work.

Opera seems to do the trick. So, if you find yourself having trouble reading Japanese on your iPad, try using Opera. Unfortunately, now that I can see the schedule I realize that I will arrive in Hiroshima just a few minutes before the next bus leaves. It looks like I am in for one of those “OJ runs” through the crowded station…

For the record, the browsers that did not work with the Hiroden bus schedule site were:

  • Safari
  • Atomic Web
  • iChromy
  • Knowtilus
  • Mercury
  • Rikai
  • Terra