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Teacher Travel 2.0

I recently returned from a trip to Paris for the TESOL France Colloquium for a poster presentation on my cross-cultural blogging project, and I had an extra day on the end of my trip.  The trip required that I miss a few classes in my teaching schedule, but I decided that it was also an opportunity to involve my blogging students in my travels.  Instead of cancelling their class on Monday morning, I decided to do the lesson via Skype. I woke up early and initiated a chat with them from my hotel at 5 AM on Monday (1 PM Japan time). I talked with them about the lesson, and gave them the task of researching Paris and writing a post on their personal blogs with the following prompt:

“If I had one day in Paris, I would…”

90 minutes later I had a pile of blog posts to sift through, and over breakfast I planned my day using their suggestions. I used my camera and my iPhone to document the day, and the following video is the result.


If teachers must travel for conferences, why not involve the students? Why not give them an opportunity to share in the experience?

My students often pester me for souvenirs from my trips, but there is simply no way that I can bring back gifts for all of them. Why not allow them to take part in your travels instead?

How else could you involve your students in your conference travels?