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Set up your site to work nice with iPhones

Tonight I adapted my site for the iPhone (or other smart phones) with a simple plugin addition to my WordPress installation. On the left you can see the “Before” image, and on the left the “After”. The plugin, WPtouch is simple to install, and there are quite a few settings which allow for personalization.

The plugin comes with a collection of icons, such as the calendar icons used for posts in the images to the right, and you can even upload custom images to match your blog. I took a quick click over to to create the icon used for this site.  I am sure that I will tweak that a bit in the future, but it was good to test the concept.

In addition to adapting your site to work well with handheld screens, the plugin also allows users to create a desktop “App” link to your site.  This is where the icon I created using Wordle comes into play.  Readers can click the bookmark link in Safari on the iPhone and choose to “Add to Home Screen”.  An App link, using your custom icon, is then added to the reader’s smart phone desktop.

What do you think? Useful?